Nausicaä Inu

Nausicaä – ナウシカ is the famous Princess of the Valley of the Wind. A thousand years after the Seven Days of Fire, she is here to bring peace to a post-apocalyptic Ethereum world in chaos. With the help of multiple developers, a planned usecase, audited contract & meticulous marketing, there is no limit to how high Nausicaa Inu can reach.

Join Nausicaä on a community-oriented, usecase fuelled adventure where not even the sky is the limit.


Token Name


Liquidity: 1%




1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion)

Reflections : 2%

Marketing : 5%

Dev : 2%

Liquidity : 1%


Phase 1
⁃ V1 Website Launch.
⁃ Expedited listings (CG + CMC)
- Certik Audit
- V2 Website Release.
⁃ V1 Litepaper release.
⁃ Game preview.
⁃ Post marketing rollout.
⁃ Game Beta- community testing & feedback.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 3


The Nausicaä Inu Core Team consists of four key members and a copywriter. Each member, from moderators, to developers and CEO, are respected in the space and harbours considerable crypto acumen in their own right.

Prizma, CEO. Crypto-whisperer.

Sir Tris, Developer. Legendary figure, no introduction needed.

Astro, Developer. Quickdrawn.

Bo, Lead Mod. He Who Holds Down the Fort.

Pronos, Copywriter. Wordsmith of the Wild West.

Nausicaa believes that a key factor for the longevity and success of our project is transparency so this is one of our main commitments. With the help of multiple developers, a game in development, planned utility, Certik audited contract, meticulous marketing and the support of our amazing community, there is no limit to what Nausicaa Inu can achieve

Thanks to a wealth of experience in the space, the Nausicaä Inu team understands the importance in striking a balance between enticing short-term investors, whilst primarily ensuring long-term investors are looked after and witness sufficient gains. Social media pushes, news outlets, community building and rewarding, partnership growth, competitions etc. will all be targeted. Striking the correct balance between the short-term and long-term price action is a main priority in our marketing strategy to ensure that all investors are satisfied