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              Engineer introduction

              Roger Filtness is the former COO of Aqalogic NT, working on design new products, innovation and reform of science and technology. With work and practice in the transnational corporations experience, his professional knowledge is approved by world class brand, such as Jacuzzi, Astracast and Pegler etc.  

              Roger Fitlness puts himself into sell, produce, design and develop of all our products in daily work, he innovates products based on professional knowledge. Cooperated with Suteng, he designs and develops RO water purifer and IPO pure crystal technology instant heater, which makes heating technology innovated, easy operate and more efficient. Roger will keep on cooperating with Suteng, and contribute to the new products. In order to meet the growing demand of market, he will research and develop many more noveland practical products, which will run efficiently perfect and energy-saving. 




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