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              About us

              Suteng electricalappliance—Zhongshan shi subao electrical appliance technology co., Ltd is a company which has water purifier material research, water purifier, air purifier, thermal technology, solar lighting, health preserving, using core patent technology, research and product new product for industrial, civil, and medical use.    

              In civil use,suteng research, produce and sell mainly on water household applicancs, health preserving applicances. Using environmental,low carbon as it’s direction, their own patent technology as it’s core, products conform to national standard. Implementing the national after-sale standard,ensure the customer enjoy the suteng electrical applicance. 

              Subao takes chinese healthy eletrical applicances as it's main market since the beginning, whose head office is located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province. The headquarter research, produce and sell suteng brand water purifier, air purifier, health preserving clay pot, electric water heater and other health preserving electrical appliance. Contributing to chinese healthy household applicance, Subao makess effects to water purifier progress of china.  

              Subao invests huge investment to construct Subao technology industrial zone, has built a 60 thousand square meter enclosed workplace, achieving a comprehensive promotion from materials, indicators, management, logistics and other aspects. We iniste finishing our after-sale severice by ourselves, setting direct after-sale severice points all over hundreads of cities of china. Subao ensures 365days high quality healthy service by building thousands of after-sale service points in hundreads of cities in domestic china.     

              Since eatablished, Subao upholds socialist core values and the concept of equal public welfare, advocates sustainable healthy development model, help many rural young people starting their their business, coacervates strong brand growth, and sets up a new model of private enterprises in China! We advocate customers choosing green, environmental, low carbon and energy-saving life. 

              All walks of people are welcomed to cooperate with us to build a beartiful green home, to create harmony between human and nature for the future. 


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