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              Join support


              Marketing support 

              Detailed annual product promotion and marketing plan , 

              Omnidirectional, diversified marketing technology operation guide,

              Professional marketing team’s considerate service,

              CCTV, provincial satellite TV and other powerful media ‘s firm promotion, 

              National public welfare activities and public relations activities closely combined with national policies and social hotspots to support various forms of promotion   

              Provide advertising films to dealers and print promotional materials (provide quantitative nationwide publicity materials for free)

              Assist dealers in local promotional activities and provide fixed cost support in kind

              Training support 

              Provide support to dealers in training store managers and staff  

              Provide dealers with practical training in marketing skills

              Provide technical training support to dealers 

              Each year's nationwide dealer training sessions,

              Quarterly regional dealer experience exchange sessions,

              Real-time online communication (through SuTeng Worldwide Dealer Community, other forms of communication and product training.

              Terminal support 

              To assist dealers to access local influential Ka stores,

              To provide the dealer with the necessary information and image design for store construction,

              To provide terminal sales technical manual to dealers,

              To provide advice on the location of dealership stores,

              To provide dealer with operating investment budget.

              Technical support

              Professional technicians will cooperate with the online support services of dealers,

              On-site training and support can be arranged under special circumstances.

              Joining condition 

              Joining condition

              Have the development ambitious consciousness ,

              A certain amount of capital strength,

              Related industry network management and marketing experience is preferred,

              Recognize the fast brand,

              Do business do not do business, have the risk consciousness of investment.

              Choose to believe in the power of the brand

              You will enjoy high value-added regional brand resources, phenomenon agents and intangible resources;

              Learn the essence of fast-moving advanced monopoly management experience, market expansion, brand promotion and other business;

              SuTeng will establish strategic partners with you, sharing profits, common development, and work together to maintain the healthy development of the market.

              Let you enjoy the best price, get the highest return

              We win the future together, you are the water purification expert!

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