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              Industry prospect

              In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard and the enhancement of the consciousness of health and environmental protection, especially the importance of water resources safety, the water purifier industry is paid more and more attention. The water purifier industry is also favored by many investors, but the water purifier industry in our country is not yet mature, whether the water purifier industry can continue to develop is unknown, it still needs a process, but the prospects are clear.

              Environmental problems are the driving force for the development of the industry

              Water is the pillar of life, the element on which human beings live.  How are our pillars? The water we have is no longer enough to support the normal needs of all people. Every day, we look at the rivers and springs that we can see. They are just "scenery", and the fact  is too harsh,

              We think we still have everything, in fact, all we have is "abandoned." such a serious water pollution situation, resulting in our domestic water, sediment, heavy metals, bacteria and so on have seriously exceeded the standards, the situation has been created. Water purifier, as the product of the status quo, is the existence we must accept.

              Promotion of consumer health awareness and change of concept

              With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people are not satisfied with the basic living needs and more and more people begin to pursue health. Healthy drinking water is popular. People understand that drinking water quality has a profound impact on the body. Safe drinking water is not only improve physical and mental health, but also can improve the quality of life.   Promoting consumers' awareness of healthy drinking water not only help people improve the popularity of water purifiers, but also improve the physical fitness of the people, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

              National policy support as a strong backing

              The water purifier is popular, but the industry is in turmoil. For exemple, the lack of water purifier product standard makes water purifier products market exists both good ones and bad ones, advertising and entertainment play important roles, illegal production of counterfeit products never diminish though repeated prohibitions, industry vicious competition seriously affect the reputation of the entire industry and the healthy development of this time; the water purifier, which formulate a series of national standards, will regulate the production of water purifiers and product quality, purify water purifier market, shape the law to follow, promote the sustainable development of the industry, and make thousands of households can have a better, more assured of quality drinking water. With the "ten water" "13th Five-Year", the arrival of industry of the water purifier is our wings, I believe the future can fly farther.

              Market competition  promotes the development of the industry 

              water purifier is becoming more and more necessary in family life. Consumers' understanding of the water purifier is from scratch , assembly to brand after nearly 20 years; during the years from the formation of the market of the water purifier industry to the development of today's brand war, there will be competition before there will be development, 100 ships compete ,the wise win. I believe that brand competition will make the industry more benign development. In order to promote the development of water purification industry, TianTian YiQuan dedicates to water treatment industry for 14 years. In order to build the first brand of water treatment industry in China and strive to build a unique patent technology, R & D and production of high quality weak alkali spring water, for thousands of users to provide healthy and good water.

              With the arrival of the era of intelligent science and technology, traditional home appliances are facing the fate of the transition to intelligent appliances, which is closely related to the daily life of kitchen appliances. With the development of the Internet, consumers pay more and more attention to the daily food safety, so the water purifier has become the new favorite of the family kitchen in recent years. More and more families are enjoying a high quality clean water life because of the installation of water purifiers. However, what is the future trend of the water purifier industry in view of the real needs of consumers?

              Trend 1: younger consumers of water purifiers

              With the development of the Internet, more and more young consumers change their passive status, begin to talk directly with enterprises, and begin to influence the development direction of the market. Understanding their real needs has become a big topic that enterprises have to think about.

              Trend two: the rise of individualized Water purifier

              The rise of post-80s consumer groups has driven the personalized trend of products. The word "custom" has been increasingly sought after and loved by consumers. In terms of water purifiers, from product size to color to material and even personality patterns. Users have absolute control over their own home water purifiers. Therefore, the products should be designed to meet consumers' individual needs in addition to functional protection.

              Trend 3: the market weight of middle and high end water purifier is increasing

              With the acceleration of economic development, the middle class is growing, and the consumption power of mainstream consumer groups is also gradually increasing. This also lays the foundation for the development of the middle and high end product market. They are more willing to pay for the good products that really meet their needs than the cheap and cost-effective products. In fact. A new concept of consumer market has been quietly popular in the current water purifier industry, that is, the market that satisfies the middle-income people’s pursuit of fashion consumer psychology while also in line with its ability to buy.

              Trend four: women's consumption takes a more important place

              The data show that the proportion of female population in China is about 48.7 at present, among which the consumption power is relatively strong, and the young and middle-aged women who have a greater impact on consumption account for about 21 percent of the total population. Women tend to act as "chief procurement officers." The personality of female users determines that they value the appearance and functional details of the product more.

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