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              SuTeng Water Life Center New Marketing Model 

              Nine guarantees for agents

              SuTeng helps you quickly launch Fortune Express

              First, the blue sea market, monopoly operation:

              With the latest and most efficient marketing mode in the 21st century, SuTeng water living hall has eliminated the traditional single store management mode, integrated water, hot water and boiled water three functional products, which are the "water life hall". Dedicated to provide rapid, safe, healthy and comfortable household water purification, water supply, boiling water thermal system service system, water purifier, water heater and water boiler three series of synchronous operation market, strong product competitiveness. To create the market of home appliances marketing, in addition to the investment of the fast-rising monopoly store, you can operate the market through multiple channels, synchronous operation, a wide market with many sales channels ,high profit returns and monopoly market exclusive management. It is your future career development ideal choice!

              Second, market training support: in order to create excellent dealer team, improve competitiveness, we will continue in technical aspects such as management, marketing, products, purchase guidance and service and so on for dealers to provide occasional cyclic interactive training, including helping dealers to establish excellent marketing team, improving the training system and provide dealers with a set of management technology such as sales skills, product knowledge and other systems of professional training guide.

              Third, long-term market planning:

              We will select partners with long-term, sincere and considerate cooperation as the standard, provide the guidance of product planning, network planning, store construction and so on since establishing cooperation intention. The headquarters plan for Strategic advertising according to the marketing strategy timely. SuTeng is implementing a strong brand engineering strategy to improve brand awareness and reputation and promote dealer sales.

              Fourth, marketing strategy support:

              We provide comprehensive quality services for the dealer platform at an scientific, rigorous, considerate and responsible attitude to ensure the efficient operation of cooperative business. Through effective integration, SuTeng's marketing strategy has been further improved. Dealers can permanently share the marketing strategy of the company's headquarters, including a set of helping forms of service.

              Fifth, market promotion support: 

              we provide dealers with market norms, alliances, theme events and other terminal marketing programs according to the characteristics of regional markets. We also arrange promotion staff to assist  the development of local markets. Customers will be transferred to the service, distribution channels (professional home appliances market, building materials market, decoration companies, etc.) to give important marketing seminars, product knowledge and sales skills training.

              Marketing material support: provide sales promotion material support such as VI manual, product terminal manual, folding page, display cabinet, publicity material, sample shell, shelf, gift and so on for dealers.

              Seventh, market regional strategy:

              We make reasonable planning of the regional market to allow every party to gain. The company adopts a reasonable distribution of points and franchise policies to protect the franchisor's regional operating privileges, resolutely putting an end to illegal operations.

              Eight, quality assurance:

              suTeng is market-oriented and customer-centered. It strictly guards product quality and comprehensively implements the requirements of IS09001 international quality management system from product design, mold development, component reliability, quality and installation of spare parts, semi-finished products to finished product inspection, inspection, packing, inspection and other links. It strives for perfection and perfection. In addition to seek to improve product Chinese CCC safety certification, it also won CE the European Union  certification ,CB International universal detection  , EMC radiation Free Environmental Protection Authentication, LVD low voltage and the IEC standard and industry standard QB1239 of Chinese Jetta.  The concept of excellence and perfect become every consumer the consensus.

              Legal support:

              the company has a professional legal team to provide legal products and relevant testing data for dealers.in the business process the dealers provides relevant legal support to be your legal business escort.

              Five cooperation advantages, healthy home appliances wealth waits for you to come to earn

              Zero inventory

              SuTeng has sufficient stock for each product to follow up with the press , so dealers only need to provide sample counter and do not worry about the inventory problem.

              Intelligent distribution system

              SuTeng big data is a smart distribution system that contains all the sales information, making terminal guidance a sales guru without training.

              You open a store, I sell

              We always provide dealers with business planning, underwriting over a half of incoming products to help marketing.

              Zero risk, low threshold investment,

              low threshold, nanny-style sales and business school support escort greatly reduce risk.

              Media advertising everywhere

              CCTV advertising CCTV-7 will broadcast throughout the year, and Internet search engine advertising has been put in. The star "He Jia-jin" will be the brand image ambassador.

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