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              Service System

              Service concept

               Service Concept: Service begin from the heart


              Enterprise Mission: To make everyone can own the healthy and clean life environment.

              Service Promise

              Standard after sales service system: 1-year  exchange, 3-year repirement, longlife matainance.

              On call 24 hours: Nationwide free 24 hours hot line: 400-655-3458

              Wherever you are, you just need a call

              Follow up over the whole process: Register, Make an appointment, home-delivery installation and debugging, evaluate the service and have clients revisiting, which will allow you to purchase trustingly and to use comfortably

              Complete added-value service: Explain the knowledge of using and keeping of a product to clients, guide them to use it correctly and safely, prolong the span life and lower the expenditure of energy.

              Being careful at all aspects: think and solve problems at the view of clients, listen to them and prove to be satisfactory.


              Process of service

              Be at time :We will arrange excellent engineers to be you home at the time you have scheduled.

              Theory and operation: engineers will provide excellent service at length while explain the theory and operation process of the product.

              Instructions of using :the engineers will explain the using knowledge of the product and direct you to operate.

              Feedback: your service information will be synchronously feedbacked to SuTeng service center.

              Tracing for revisits: the service center will trace for the revisit to prove your satisfaction


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