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              Problems and solutions

              Maintenance of household water filter and common problems it involves.

              Common problems and ways to maintain:

              Diminishing of water yield

              Entering pressure is too low for water(you may add a pressure pump).

              Water yield will lower when entering temperature is too low, which is normal .

              Entering amount is too few (you may enlarge the amount of waterflow or add a pressure pump).

              Dirty entering water(you may increase prepositive management or the frequency you wash)

              You must wash the discharge pipe where slit and rust may stay firstly before you stop the flow or having water re-enter after the the maintenance.

              Muddy produced water.

              Entering pressure is too high or fluctuates too much, which leads to a break of hyper filtration membrane(change a ultrafiltration element).

              Leakage and reloading of O type sealing ring on ultrafiltration membrane (Replacement of O-ring)

              High Fe2 Mn2 in raw water (Treatment of adding Iron and Manganese Preemptive removal)

              The produced water has a peculiar smell.

              The residual chlorine in water has bactericidal effect and can be used normally.

              Long term deactivation of water purifiers (repeated attacks before reusing after a period of time to remove stagnant water from the water purifiers)

              The water purifier does not wash for a long time so that the interceptor forms scale in the filter (repeatedly flushing or connecting with the water purifier service center)

              The protection fluid in the water purifier is not rinsed (repeatedly or in contact with the water purifier service center.

              Muddy produced water.

              Dirty entering water(you may increase prepositive management or the frequency you wash)

              No frequent flush maintenance (wash and backwash of the water purifier, if necessary with Pushen cleaning agent, to restore the water purifier)

              The water purifier can't get out of water.

              The pipe was misconnected.

              The filter is blocked.

              Influent solenoid valve failure

              【maintenance of water purifier 】how to maintain the trouble of water purifier, simple maintenance methods here.

              Joint leakage

              analysis of causes

              Water pressure is too large; improper operation, such as the need for raw material belt, pipe plug, rubber gasket joint integrity and good. Pure water machines are more likely to occur.

              The water purifier is out of order. How to repair it? there's a simple way to repair it.

              Rupture of membrane shell, carbon leakage, high or low water pressure

              The inlet water pressure of the water purifier is 0.1mpa-0.35mpa. too low water pressure will affect the water output, and too high water pressure will cause membrane damage, etc. Our common low-voltage switch leakage, leakage activated carbon, activated carbon shell, ultrafiltration membrane shell rupture are all related to water pressure.


              When installing the water purifier to the customer, before installing, first measure the water pressure to make sure that the water pressure is within the scope of use of the water purifier. If the water pressure is too high, you should communicate with the user and add pressure relief valve. Water pressure is too low to suggest that the user to install additional pressure pump.

              The effluent of the new machine has a peculiar smell

              After the installation of the water purifier, the water purifier must be rinsed first, and the correct washing method ensures the normal use of the water purifier in the later stage. If the washing sequence is wrong, there will be more problems, especially on the taste of clean water. If the washing sequence of the water purifier with ultrafiltration membrane is wrong, the protective liquid in the ultrafiltration membrane will enter into the rear activated carbon filter, which will affect the activated carbon filter, resulting in the bad taste of the new machine effluent.

              Water outlet for water purifiers require installation of food-grade hoses. If the hose material installed in the water purifier outlet is not up to standard, the rubber taste of the hose itself will change the taste of the effluent, and will lead to poor taste of drinking water.


              After the installation is complete , correct the water purifier and guide the user to use the method correctly .

              Install water purifier when choosing food-grade high-quality hose to avoid unnecessary trouble.

              The water purifier is out of order. How to repair it? there's a simple way to repair it.

              The effect of the purified water is not very obvious.

              The water source required by the water purifier is municipal tap water. If the water source treated by the water purifier does not meet the requirements of the influent water quality, the phenomenon that the water purification effect is not good will appear. The source of water used in many places is underground water, also in some places that

              is relatively old residential area, the water pipe is galvanized pipe. Because of the long history, galvanized pipe is serious aged, rusted with water source turbidity problems. It is suggested that the water purifier should not be installed directly in the case of this medium water quality. The sediment in the source water, the rust is easy to pollute and the filter element in the water purifier is blocked, which results in the phenomenon that the water can not be produced or the water purification effect is poor.


              The water pressure should be detected before installation, and the water quality of the influent should also be tested. If the water quality does not meet the requirements of the influent, it should communicate with the user. It is recommended to install a front filter in front of the water purifier. If the source of water used by the user is groundwater or reservoir water, be sure to install a front filter in front of the water purifier.

              PE tube and Small connectivity mosses

              When the water purifier is connected to the small connectivity, it is easier to grow moss in the pipeline. The main reason for this is that the PE pipe is too long or exposed directly to the sun or with no casing, etc. The inlet water temperature of the water purifier is 5-40 ℃, so the water purifier may not be installed outdoors. The PE pipe that connects the small connectivity may not burst in the sun. If there must be an outdoor connection pipe, the line pipe must be installed in the PVC casing. If the water purifier is installed outdoors, the roof must be installed to shelter from the sun and the rain.PE pipe is not easy to connect too long. If the water source location and the water supply point are too far away, water can be connected to the water point with PPR pipes or UPVC pipes, and then the water purifier can be installed.

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