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              Model: JJ-D11


              • Product names Solar street lamp
              • Product Model JJ-D11
              • Solar panel specification 5V 6W polycrystalline silicon solar panel
              • Storage battery specification 3.7V 8000mAh Lithium battery packing
              • LED Specification 5730LED×12 PCS
              • Output Power 3W 6W 12W
              • Irradiation height <6m
              • Irradiation area 20㎡
              • Lights time Continuous lighting 10-12 hours when full power
              • Charging time 6 hours full charging under sun exposure
              • Lighting mode light control and Radar (Automatic light out in day, automatic light up at night, strong light when meet people, weak light when people left, interaction distance 10 meters )
              • Outer materials PP Flame retardant plastic and transparent AS engineer plastic
              • Product Size 295mm*170mm*60mm
              • Applications Gardens, parks, factories, balconies, walkways and more

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