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              Sugested retail price: ¥3980元

              Model: JX-502ABT


              • Product Number JX-502ABT
              • Rate power 860W
              • Rated Voltage 220V
              • Rated capacity 5L
              • Rated frequency 50Hz
              • Colors Golden Balck, Red Black

              Product Introduction

              Electricity saving: heat superimposing charactered clay pot, could preserve the heat produced by heating plate. Using the wood-fire-rice procedure and heat preserving clay, the pot could cook food & soup with the special clay, ie. Cook rice costs 13 minutes, but it does consume electricity only 7 minutes. 

              Tiem saving: the clay pot could finish the cook in short time by it’s heat superimposing clay and improved heating plate.ie, ordinary cooker works at about a littleabove 100℃, but this clay pot at 300℃. 

              Nutrition preserving: the clay pot preserves nutrition, as it doesn’t release any harmful matters with acid and alkali resisting character.  Better flavor: rice cooked delicious as traditional clay pot, soup cooked as traditional coal stove.

              • Product Details

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