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              Sugested retail price: ¥

              Model:IPO-TCL-25     Item No: 25H Color gold


              • Rated voltage 220V~
              • Rated frequency 50Hz
              • Rated Power 5500W
              • Rated Power 0.75
              • Capacity 25L
              • Size 430x240x740mm

              Product Introduction

              * European luxury style, elegent & fashionable, white display, touch button control +remote control

              * Double motor inner assembled, adjusting both cold & hot water, make sure flow the constant temperature water 

              * Microcomputer control systerm, various function, easier handle, more functions.

              * CFD dynamic sense of water flowrate, start for super low water presure 

              * CCT thermal power cycle pressure tank, imported bule guiji, vertical double inner bladder design

              * DDC Fil five core titanium fast heat engine, anti-scale, healthy & energy saving

              * TOMSUN 360 degree safety system, ensure the safety. 

              * Anti electric wall mounted, isolated environment electric, 100% safe

              * Fully sealed bearing design, could supply several water use, convenient and useful

              • Product Details

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